Our Cheeses

Mild Gouda/Amsterdammer: These are our two youngest cheeses in the Meyer Cheese range, Both matured to about 4 weeks of age these are both very versatile cheese which can be used in any type of dish or just eaten on it own.



Amsterdammer: Named after the popular city in Holland this cheese has a higher moisture content so has a slightly creamier texture and mild acidic tone  which is a result of the increased moisture levels.

Mild Gouda: This Mild cheese does not have the moisture content like the Amsterdammer, therefore does not have the acidic tone but still has that creamy texture and Mild taste.

These are available in 10 and 5 kg wheels, 1kg block and also 150 gram retail unit.

Tasty Gouda: Tasty Gouda is aged for about 9 months, at this age it still retains its smooth creamy texture but has started to develop that sharp bite and full bodied flavour which aged Gouda’s are famous for.

We highly recommend this as a cooking cheese as it grates, shreds and slices well complementing many a dish with its full bodied flavour and smooth texture. It also has really good melting properties so makes a flavourful cheese topping or home made cheese sauce.

These are available in 10 and 5 kg wheels, 1kg Block and also 150 gram retail unit.

Vintage Gouda: The name says it all. Crumbly parmesan like texture and a bite like no other, this cheese has what most cheese lovers want a strong full bodied flavour with Bite. After eating it lingers on the palate for quite some time.

Old and vintage Gouda

Old and vintage Gouda

Use this one like Parmesan, a little goes a long way, so grate onto your pasta dish or use in that home made pesto!

Vintage Gouda is a key-stone of our range, it contributed to the 2011 cheese maker of the year, 2012 Supreme champion and also it received the cheese of the decade for consistent achievement at the NZ cheese awards.

These are available in 10 kg wheels, 1kg blocks and 150 gram retail units.

Cumin Gouda: Even though Cumin is an Indian spice cumin Gouda is an extremely tradition Dutch cheese. Early spice traders from India set out for Europe and the spices were quickly found to be used in the Cheeses. Not only was the flavour really good but it also added a nutritional value to a travel ready product.

Cumin Seed Cheese

Cumin Seed

Cumin Gouda is one of our more popular cheeses, winning numerous Gold medals at the NZ cheese awards and topping our sales charts this one is Highly recommended.

Cumin Gouda comes  in all ages from 4 weeks right up to 12 months, the most popular is the Mild (4 weeks) and Medium (8 weeks).

They are made in 10 and 5 kg wheels 1kg Block and also 150 gram retail units.

Italian Herb: The newest cheese in our range, Italian herb has great flavour, texture and looks great. An Excellent choice for dinner parties and cheese boards but its hard to beat on a Grilled cheese sandwich.

We call it our pizza cheese as the herb blend used is much the same as you would use on a traditional pizza and it also tastes that way too.

They are available in 10 and 5 kg wheels, 1kg blocks and also 150gram retail unit.

Cracked Pepper: For those who love pepper, try it! Cracked Pepper Gouda is made from cracked whole black and white pepper corns, hand mixed and aged for about 8 weeks.

Cracked Pepper

Cracked Pepper

Excellent cheese for cheese boards or sandwiches but its best use would have to be a cracked pepper cheese sauce for your winter roast!

They are available in 10 and 5kg wheel, 1kg block and 150gram retail unit.

Fenugreek Gouda: This cheese has an excellent aroma! The seeds give off a sweet smell which is evident once cutting open the cheese. The taste is also Mild, sweet and nutty.



Since 2008 this cheese has won Gold Medals consistently and also taken home two category champions in that time and contributed to the 2011 cheese maker of the year.

A must on your next cheese board!

They are available in 10 and 5kg wheels, 1kg block and 150 gram retail unit.

Garlic & Chives: For those who love Garlic, this Gouda is packed with Garlic to give it a good strong flavour the chives not only make the cheese look good but round off the sharpness of the garlic so you still enjoy the taste of cheese.

Garlic and Chives

Garlic and Chives

A Family favourite on a grilled cheese sandwich but can be used in any way you see fit. Cheese sauces, topping, grating, cheese boards or eat it on its own.  

Also highly awarded winning numerous Gold medals, most recently winning the 2012 flavoured cheese category.

They are available in 10 and 5kg wheels, 1 kg block and 150 gram retail units.


We are not limited to these flavours or ages, for example our Plain gouda and Cumin Gouda come in many different ages as follows, Mild, Medium, soft tasty, tasty, Old, Vintage.

As cheese ages it develops different flavour profiles and texture characteristics.

At Christmas time we make the core range in cute 1kg Baby Gouda, these are aimed for Christmas hampers and gifts.

These are only made to order and come in the core range of flavours we do. Baby Gouda’s are not aged.